XMPie uDirect

The power of personalization right from your desktop


Now everyone can achieve what they want, thanks to the XMPie ® uDirect ® family of solutions. uDirect harnesses the power of variable data printing (VDP) to help operations from small to large develop powerful, one-to-one print campaigns. Whether you are testing the waters of VDP or a seasoned professional, the uDirect line provides everything you need to help you easily, efficiently and cost-effectively reach your audience with relevant, personalized communication pieces that deliver impressive results.

Our program's goal is to help you take the uncertainty out of color management, so repeatable, accurate color can be achieved quickly and easily. This way, you can focus on what matters most to you in business.

Key Strategies

he XMPie uDirect Desktop Product Line includes the uDirect Standard and uDirect Professional. The plug-ins can seamlessly integrate with other design elements to allow you to exploit Adobe InDesign's full set of creative capabilities.
The uDirect Standard is an all-encompassing Desktop Solution for a Macintosh or Windows workstation. With it, any designer can easily create a highly-personalised campaign without any use of proprietary software. It features formatting, conditional rules or if arithmetic operations are needed, a simple rule editor is supplied. With uDirect Standard, you can create an industry-related VI output file for printing on digital press.
The uDirect Professional, a dual desktop solution, has the capability to develop sophisticated variable data and version-driven direct marketing programs on your desktop efficiently. Its creative software can integrate effortlessly with the Adobe InDesign CS as a plug-in to tap on InDesign's strengths as a design tool for both static and dynamic elements of your design. It also possesses advanced features such as the ability to use variable graphics within tables.
XMPie uDirect is available in three scalable versions — uDirect Classic, uDirect Studio and uDirect Premier — to address unique VDP needs, directly from the desktop.

Available on Microsoft ® Windows ® or Apple ® Macintosh platforms, uDirect seamlessly integrates with Adobe ® InDesign ® as a plug-in. This allows designers to work with a familiar toolset, while gaining the additional functionality needed to quickly turn basic designs into powerful, personalized print pieces.


XMPie uDirect is a complete solution, thoughtfully engineered to include every component of the VDP workflow ® data, design and production ® to ensure complete integration and information flow.

From uDirect Classic's ability to connect to simple data tables, to the more sophisticated uPlan and hosted data source options provided with uDirect Premier, XMPie solutions offer several methods for data and business rule planning. A simple, menu-driven approach helps both novice and expert data professionals connect data and business logic into easy-to-use objects for variable design.

The uDirect plug-in helps design professionals quickly and easily create, edit and update variable layouts, all within industry standard Adobe InDesign, eliminating the learning curve.

With just a few clicks of the mouse, your print-ready files can be sent for printing without leaving the familiarity of InDesign.
The uDirect family of products are fully scalable solutions that can expand as your business grows. Pick the uDirect solution that best meets your needs today — and already be ahead of the curve when your needs change tomorrow.