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FreeFlow ® Variable Information Suite

High-Speed Variable Solution to Maximize your Productivity


The secret to producing personalized communications at high speeds revealed.
Grow your business with the power of personalisation and maximise productivity.
In today's competitive business world, companies are turning to personalized communications that deliver unique messaging relevant for each and every recipient to increase customer loyalty and to expand their customer base. To produce these high-demand, highly customised jobs, you need powerful tools that can handle complex jobs without impacting your production schedule. You need speed, flexibility and efficiency.

Key Strategies

Whether you want to :

  • Print hundreds of variable pages or hundreds of thousands.
  • Print the job or create PDFs for electronic viewing, archiving and distribution.
  • Print from SAP environment.
  • Quickly and easily create XML promotional jobs. No programming experience needed.
  • There is no time wasted in sending huge files to the printer and no costly investment in dedicated composition servers.
  • You're left with a simple, efficient way to design, compose and output your high value, short and long-run personalised jobs.


The FreeFlow ® VI Suite — the fast and easy way to create personalized communications.

Control costs with affordable software and no incremental hardware investment
Produce more jobs with greatly accelerated throughput
Generate more revenue with innovative and eye-popping personalized documents
Unify your workflow