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Making printing at your destination faster, easier


Printing documents at your next destination bears a risk of losing important data if carried in a USB, and constantly installing a printer driver can be a hassle. Cloud On-Demand Print solves these problems with any time, any where accessibility. 

Store your documents from your PC or mobile device to the cloud server and print on demand with a multifunction device at your destination using your ID and password.

You can conveniently print the necessary documents easily and securely without worrying about losing data or installing a dedicated driver.


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  1. Upload data easily from PC or mobile device - Upload the document that you want to print to the cloud server via the Internet from your PC, smartphone, or tablet
  2. Print data securely at your destination - Log into a multifunction device supporting Cloud On-Demand Print using your ID and password and print the stored document


From separate in-house location



 Before Implementation: 

  • Necessary to print and carry documents beforehand - risk of losing confidential documents
  • Can’t edit when you realize update is necessary
  • Inconvenient to have your document printed from a USB due to hardware security restriction in certain areas


After Implementation:

  • Print documents from an on-site multifunction device as soon as you arrive
  • Convenient and risk-free instead of carrying important document in a USB
  • Large documents can be set to “Shared” and have someone to print them beforehand
  • Documents can be edited on the go and stored in the cloud again to be printed in the latest version


 Business to business project



  Before implementation: 

  • Different companies have no shared LAN environment so materials necessary for a meeting and updated documents cannot be printed immediately

After implementation:

  • Shared print environment can be created easily beyond the wall of different LAN environment of each company
  • Secured output environment can be shared with appropriate access privilege setting


  • Upload data easily with customised mobile apps and print documents securely at your destination
  • Keep track of operation history, such as who uploaded/printed what and when
  • Variety of security measures - SSL Encryption, Password Protected Documents, Operation History and Account Management


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