For the Children of Tomorrow

Learning Materials Project journey in 2017

Fuji Xerox and Save the Children bring the second launch of “For the Children of Tomorrow” Learning Materials Project to Dien Bien and Tien Giang province

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 30 March 2018 – Fuji Xerox Vietnam Company Limited (Fuji Xerox Vietnam) and Save the Children (SC) today organise the second launch of its three-year Learning Materials project in Dien Bien and Tien Giang province. 


2017 saw the first collaboration between Fuji Xerox Vietnam and SC in employing the best of our printing technology to reduce educational disparity in far-flung areas of Vietnam. The project is part of Fuji Xerox’s corporate community engagement program with the aim of resolving educational gap among 100,000 children by 2023 in Asia Pacific region by offering education materials.
At Fuji Xerox, our commitment to approaching and solving social issues has always been a key focus in our business operations towards creating a better future for the local community. In 2017, the Learning Material project “For the Children of Tomorrow” launched in partnership with SC helped us reach out to 2,000 children in rural North and Central Vietnam and provide them with access to 5,500 story books which were printed by using our multifunction devices and technologies. 

Starting in Yen Bai and Quang Nam province, we have extended the project to Dien Bien and Tien Giang province. Especially, Dien Bien is home to diverse ethnic minority groups who do not have access to adequate education. In 2012, the literacy rate among ethnic minority children aged 10 was 13% below their Kinh* counterparts, at 84%(1).
With the project targeting at children aged between 3 to 6 years to develop their reading skills and Vietnamese vocabulary, 6,500 books were delivered to 2,500 children in these rural areas. The content of the books was provided by SC, translated into Vietnamese by Fuji Xerox Vietnam and printed using Fuji Xerox’s production printing technology by D2 Printing, one of our business partners. This is also the first time the project welcomes the financial support of D2 Printing who wholeheartedly join hands with us in providing high quality books and create a positive impact to the project outcome.  

There are 11 different story books which are greatly visual and interactive covering a wide range of different educational topics on environmental protection, friendship, cultural diversity and morality, suitable for pre-school learning. The books will be placed in more than 20 kindergarten and elementary school libraries, allowing access of teachers, children as well as parents and siblings of children themselves. 

“As Save the Children invest more opportunities on improving education quality in Vietnam, we find that many children in low and even urban areas still lack adequate access to books just like their highland counterparts, especially those who come from poor and immigrant families.  With our efforts to support Vietnamese children’s access to books and improve their reading skills, we are very pleased to continue the cooperation with Fuji Xerox Vietnam this year in developing the story books for kindergarten and elementary school children. We hope they will learn interesting and great things about life and especially on environmental protection matter. We will continue working with Fuji Xerox Vietnam on the “For the Children of Tomorrow” project to bring more learning joy to underprivileged children across the country”, said Ms. Duong Le, project representative from Save the children.

More than 30 Fuji Xerox Vietnam employees have spent one day off work to attend the events where some 200 teachers and students spent a meaningful time reading and joining exciting games and other outdoors activities organized by the company members.

The Learning Materials project of Fuji Xerox Vietnam has embraced the meaning of giving back to the community with a significant focus on providing educational assistance to disadvantaged children. The project is expected to be carried out by Fuji Xerox Vietnam and Save the Children in the years to come and reach out to thousands of children living in the some of the most far-flung parts of Vietnam, who deserve education for a better future. 

(1): According to Multiple Indicator Cluster Survey (MISC) conducted by UNICEF

About Fuji Xerox Vietnam 

Fuji Xerox Vietnam is a fully owned subsidiary of Fuji Xerox Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. The Tokyo Headquartered Fuji Xerox Co Ltd. is a joint venture between FUJIFILM Holdings Corporation and Xerox Corporation. We are a leading company in the Document Services & Communications field, offering solutions and services to help customers resolve their business challenges. Underlying our solutions and services are our world-class office multifunction devices, printers and production printers that we develop and manufacture for worldwide distribution. Together with cloud and mobile solutions, Fuji Xerox builds a communications environment that enables our customers to access the right information, at the right time, and in the right form—thereby contributing to their valuable communications. 

Fuji Xerox Vietnam is the No.1 market share in A3 multifunctional devices for 5 consecutive years (2013-2017) and A3 multifunctional devices for 10 consecutive years (2008-2017)
Source: IDC Worldwide Quarterly Hardcopy Peripherals Tracker 2017Q4 (CY2017 Q1-Q4) A3 Laser MFP/SF-DC.)

About Fuji Xerox’s Learning Materials Project

Fuji Xerox’s Learning Material Projects aims to help resolve educational disparity among 100,000 children by 2023 in Asia Pacific region by offering education materials. This multi-stakeholder community partnership approach established a sustainable social contribution system in emerging nations. Fuji Xerox is responsible for the overall management of the initiatives. Utilizing the best of our print technologies, we find like-minded business partners and NGOs to work with us to close the gap on education disparity. The Workbook project was first launched in the Philippines in 2014, and has been expanded to Thailand and Myanmar. In 2017, Vietnam is the 4th country in our Asia Pacific footprint to advance our corporate social responsibility in educating future generations. 
About Save the Children

Save the Children is one of the leading independent global organizations for children.
We have been operational in Vietnam since 1990 and we have programs in Education,
Health and Nutrition, Child Protection, Child Rights Governance, Child Poverty, Disaster Risk Reduction and Emergency Response.

We believe that every child deserves a future. Our mission is to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.